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General walk-out basement sloped lot plans

Christopher Evensen
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hello everyone,

My wife and I have made the move up to the mountains of North Carolina from Florida and are in the initial phases of trying to design a floorplan/layout for our new home. We want to have something meaningful that we like fleshed out before we bring it to an architect or designer. Our lot is on a slope, but it is gradual before it becomes extreme. I attached the plat so you can see the likely SE corner where the house will sit.

We are coming from a 2400 sq ft house in Florida that we thought was just way too big for just the two of us, so our idea was to downsize and maximize the amount of sq footage in areas that we actually spend time in (kitchen, great room, master). Having to build a walk-out basement type of house really complicated that idea since we know we will hardly ever go down stairs. There will be no garage initially when we build. We are thinking of having the house entry some from the left side of the house into the dining room area similar to the last picture.

The lot elevation is at 3800 feet. There are potential views from the front and back of the house. We want to maximize passive solar with lots of high gain windows at the 'front' of the house facing SE. It is just my wife and I and will remain that way (no kids). We are in our 30's and plan to spend a long time in this house.

We came up with this initial drawing and were wondering if we could get some input on what might be right or wrong about this plan.

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