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Need UV protection on patio doors. Which option?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Less than a year ago I recovered the seats of my kitchen
chairs. I noticed the other week the one
closest to the patio doors is a tad faded when I compared. I want to protect the fabric and my cabinets/island
from sun damage. Pics below.

Option 1

Buy darker woven romans with liners. Current ones aren’t lined. I don’t lower them normally as it’s kind of a
pain and they allow so much light it seems almost pointless. I'm concerned it might too much dark wood.

Option 2

UV screens. Not
sure how I would go about this. Only the
right door opens so there’s only one screen.
I can’t find a company around here for screens or films so this needs
to be a DIY. Suggestions are
appreciated. I’m finding the screen topic slightly
irritating to research. The other year I
found a site that had snap on outside screens…. didn’t see it tonight while
briefly searching.

Option 3

Lined fabric panel. I realize this is not IN at all and based off reviews seems to appeal
mainly to the over 60 crowd which I’m nowhere near. Somehow it does feel like the easiest option. I was thinking in Linen. Assuming the undertone is pink it will match
the undertone of all the so-called neutral of my house. I was hoping the color would also help it be
less of a focal point. Don’t know that I would use the middle tie.

-The light is filtering, but I imagine it would provide
more protection than my current unlined romans.

jcp panels

-I considered trimming them somehow with the plaid or toile fabric from the space, but I think that could end up looking like a bad DIY hack. Perhaps trimming in a solid brown. There's brown trim on the chandelier shades and, if I ever take the time to do it, could be on the fabric roman at the sink.

-Linen color could end up too similar to wall color and may look like tried to match and failed.

Option 4(I’m not
crazy about this the more I think of it since it will become a very strong
focal point.)

I’m not willing to go custom with working romans, but I
could make lined panels like option 3 with the plaid or toile fabric that's used in the space.

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