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Bronze or Etc. in my Pre 03 Donated 6.5 Murray Mower’s oil means wear

7 years ago

Bronze or Etc. in my Pre 03 Donated
6.5 Murray Mower’s oil means wear and probably where? I change the oil approx a year ago and did
not notice these bits. I did not
intentionally look for wear last year but was curious this year. The motor has never had a problem that I know
of. Even though I was told it was locked
but never saw or felt any indications.

It took 1-2 years before the
mower was left for me removed from the deck.
As soon as I was able to release the brake, it turned freely. I feel the brake had an issue and was on and
gave the impression it was Locked.

I feel the Bronze is coming from labor of trying to
cut too many leaves. I have overloaded
the mower a few times (reducing piles I raked) and could feel some labor as if
the crank and blade were hammering vertically.
Please share some opinions and experiences on where you feel the bronze
is coming from and why.

PS. Should I flush the new oil out and until there are no signs of bronze?

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  • loger_gw
    Original Author
    7 years ago

    Changing the fresh oil change after a good warm-up and
    seeing no metal had me feeling better.
    Cleaning the drain pan and about to put fresh copper cuts back in the pan
    got my attention. I feel that was copper
    in the pan vs bronze that appears as cuts from a hacksaw vs wear. You live and learn! Zooming
    and looking closer I feel the color dictates copper. I’m feeling a Little Better. LOL! I know I need to slow down and focus
    more per task vs too much Multitasking with too many projects and needs going.