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majesty Palm

8 years ago

I am new to growing house plants. i purchased a Majesty palm back in august. The growers put 2 plants in one large pot, and i have been having trouble with yellowing fronds. So i did some research, and learned to let tap water sit a few days to prevent chlorine from bleaching and damaging the leaves. So i did that. I noticed newer fronds turning yellow... So i did more research and realized that even at once a week i may have been over watering. Months later and minimal watering i realized one of the plants had what i assumed was root rot,... So i very carefully uprooted the now dead plant, to hopefully keep the rootrot from spreading to the thriving plant... Is there anything else i should do? Should i transplant? If root rot is a fungus, wont the other plant in the same pot eventully get it? Its the off season so I'll continue watering only when the soil is barely damp...any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated.

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