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Manual crushers for berries

Berry Picker
8 years ago

I have mulberries, blackberries, blueberries, and black raspberries growing on my property. For now, I only get enough to make a couple gallons of wine for each variety. Trying to use a potato masher to crush them before pressing doesn't work. The berries are too small. They just get pushed up through the holes in the masher. So, I've been running them through the blender which makes the wine bitter tasting. I've been having a very hard time finding a manual crusher that will crush very small berries. Most everything out there is for big fruit- either apples or grapes. That doesn't do me any good. Something like what I'd like to use is the Minieno made by Enoitalia but I can't find any detailed info about it but I'm waiting for responses to my questions. Do any of you have any experience with using the Minieno for crushing small berries? Or what do you use?

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