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Round bottom wok on open burner vs sealed burner vs flat induction

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Inspired by Trevor's post in this thread, where he compared time to evaporate 1/3 cup of water with round bottom wok on BlueStar open burner and Wolf sealed burner and concluded that for residential range, open burner wins. I think it is a fair test to see how good a burner can sustain the heat for residential wok cooking.

I have a similar experience, however, based on a different open burner design. My burner is from Asko, manufactured by ATAG of Netherland (They belong to the same parent company, Gorenje). The burner market name is "Fusion Volcano Wok Burner". This burner has three rings: outer ring sealed burner, rated at 6kw in Europe (5.5kw, 19.7Mj) here in Australia), middle ring volcano (open) burner, rated at 3kw in Europe (2.7kw here I think), and inner simmer burner. The inner burner is always on, while burner and volcano burner are alternate; they cannot be on at the same time.

The volcano burner is not quite exactly the same as open burner in BlueStar, Capital, or commercial, but it does direct the flame towards the centre of the pan. In Australia, BlueStar and Capital open burners are not available. At the time of my kitchen renovation, this Asko looks like the best domestic unit I can get my hands on for wok cooking with gas, and it didn't disappoint me. Although, initial flame out of the box was a bit wimp, with a small adjustment, I have been quite happy with how it performs.

Also for fun, I also use a bridge induction unit for wok cooking sometimes with wok adapter ring from De Buyer and Electrolux. The induction can be boosted to 3.7kw for 10 minutes.

Following Trevor's usage of 1/3 cup, I also use 1/3 cup (80ml) of water and a Chinese carbon steel wok 13" for timing experiment to evaporate all of the water

  • Volcano open burner (2.7kw+), 4min 16sec
  • Outer sealed burner (5.5kw), 9min 57sec
  • Induction with De Buyer ring (3.7kw), 2min 55sec
  • Induction with Electrolux ring (3.7kw), 3min 34sec

Here it is, the same conclusion with Trevor: open burner wins over sealed burner for round bottom wok cooking on residential gas burner.

I have worked on the induction unit many times, but past experiences have said that I preferred the volcano burner. Perhaps, it was due to how cooking with preheated wok was different to evaporating water from cold test above.

More detailed pictures to follow.

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