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Backsplash help for Calacatta Gold quartzite's time!

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I don't know when the clock starts ticking for ABB club membership, but the counters were installed yesterday (phase 1) and sealant slapped on.

I'm very happy about the choices I've made so far. For a time, I wasn't sure if the quartizite (trending towards gray) would play nicely with my floors (light brown/taupe, with hints of light gray), so settled on black pearl. But my inner voice kept nagging at me: you want/NEED a light kitchen! We found CG slabs that were very light and had subtle dark grey and lt brown veining, and we asked the fabricator to concentrate on the lightest portions of the slabs. I breathed an absolute sigh of relief when the pieces came through the door: at a glance, the counters 'read' light/white! Phew.

The last piece of the puzzle, and I'm stuck (ok, petrified)...knew this day would come, wondering how I'd bring it all together. I'm so grateful for all the GWers who live for this stuff and have a good eye.

First, another shaky pano shot of the kitchen (sans island):

Cabinets are a tad more grey than they appear here (Showplace - Rockport Gray wash). The final CG piece needs to be laid on the hi-bar area to the left. BS will extend in that sliver under the hi-bar all the way to the right of the pic where cabs end.

This is pretty representative of the entire counter (but floor is lighter than shown):

A collage of the counter's various areas:

We weren't able to avoid the darker grey portions of the slab, so placed them on the left and right-most ends of the counter run:

Very cool looking, but definitely grey -- at least it goes well with the hardware.

Right cabinet: this has the most grey, which will sit right up against the BS:

We plan on taking the BS only ~ 4-5" up the cabinets flanking the main window.

Thank you!!!

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