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Claw foot tub with integrated /molded seat and arm rests?

7 years ago

I've just been chatting about pedestal sinks on another thread. Since we're going with the pedestal sink, I am interested in a claw foot tub, which will match nicely ... but my husband is very fussy about the tub, and I must find just the right one. Our tub gets heavy use, and I'd welcome any thoughts or in put on the following:

- Must have a molded seat and arm rests

- Must be a deep soaker tub

- No interest in jets or bubbles -- just nice hot water, please

- Would like to stay small -- 60x30 or so -- we don't want it to require excessive water or cool off too quickly

- I won't say money is no object, but getting the details right is more important than price -- this will be a splurge item, especially for my husband

We were fairly well settled on the
BainUltra Amma 6030 (60" long, 30" wide, using 39 gallons of water) --
though it doesn't look very nice here, mushed up in an alcove ... we
were going to set it in a nice deck with a window above it, and I hope
it'd look nicer in that setting:

The same company /same product line offers a freestanding version:

and it checks all our boxes -- molded seat, arm rest, grab bars, deep
tub -- but it's 72" long, 42" wide and eats up 54 gallons of water. I particularly don't like the 42" wide -- I like to read in the tub, and if the tub's too wide, my arms don't stretch to both sides comfortably, leaving me to lean to one side or the other.

Does anyone know of a different company that makes a freestanding tub
(preferably claw foot) that would include the features we want?

Thanks, all, for your help.

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