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Lazy Susan on a Pole - Are they that bad ? What should I do ?

Matthew Rieger
8 years ago

Are these really that bad? I read posts they are made bad and get out off kilter at some point. I ordered a cabinet and had it spec'd out for a 36" Lazy Susan on a wood shelf (I believe they call these Super Susans) to stay away from the poles. The cabinet came in incorrect with a pole. However, it seems very well made. Seems strong, heavy chromed metal with thick wood spinning trays with a wood lip around the edge. And the wood trays can adjust on the pole for height changes. I pushed down on the trays and they seem sturdy...I did not see any flex to them. I am thinking they can handle a ton of weight. Is this set up something that gets worse over time?

It seems I have several options that include getting a credit back on the cost difference. The other being having shelves ordered and having the back of the cabinet opened up and have the cabinet brought to the original spec by installing wood shelves with spinning wood trays.

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