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Options for Finishing Underside of 2 cm Granite Overhang?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We moved from the east to the west and found that it's common here wants to use 2 cm granite, though 3 cm is gaining in popularity. We had 3 cm in our old house and would like to use it because 1) I don't want to see/touch/feel the substrate on the countertop overhang and 2) I prefer the look of a 3 cm edge.

Since we're also doing two baths for which I want 2 cm backsplashes, we can use two slabs plus a remnant if we use 2 cm. If I use 3 cm in the kitchen, I'll need two slabs for the kitchen and one for the baths. (In our old house, our kitchen backsplashes were ripped from 3 cm to 2 cm - this is NOT something that appears to be around here.)

Anyway, here's my question: Our kitchen remodeler suggested that they could fully laminate the underside of the overhang so that I would not see any substrate - don't know if they would polish it. I believe he suggested that the lamination would be applied to a point so that a bit of the lamination would sit on the supporting edge (in our case, the pony wall behind our cabinets which we're cutting down to counter height).

Has anyone ever heard of this? And if so, what were the results? It's not my first choice but I might accept the 4 cm edge to save the upcharge for 3 cm (no discount here for eliminating the lamination edge treatment) and allow me to buy less material. But only if it's a good result.

Thank you.

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