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Colder Than a Frozen Potato...How About You?

Another depressing Arctic blast hit us about a week ago, just like last year's. Can you beat my numbers, and make me feel better? Our January weather, now occurring, gave us a high yesterday of 18.9 and a low of 9.1 degrees. November 2014, after that year's blast had lifted, it was 65 exactly a year ago with a low of 40. Next week, the high is predicted to be 47 with a low of 35--true early December weather. Fickle dang weather. We also have a nice inversion going, a thick blanket of good old smog. Usually I have moderate damage from the cold, but when nothing is dormant, it takes a toll on the roses.

So, please make me feel better and report some colder temps than mine. I'll be ranting about weather next July when the temps hit 109.

Here is short list of the Cold Sweepstakes Winners from last year. They get extra Plant Tone for having zero (0) cane damage:



Royal Bonica

Blue Bayou

Morden Sunrise

Munstead Wood

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Twilight Zone

Big Purple (no longer with me)


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