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What should we do with this loft?

8 years ago

We are in the process of having our first home built. We were given the option of having either 4 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms and a loft. We have chosen to go with the loft because we like the openness and because we currently have no kids so 2 extra bedrooms is plenty for now, and it won't be too big of a project to have the railing taken down and a wall put up to close the loft off into anotehr bedroom if needed. Here is the layout of our home.

Bedroom 4 is actually the loft. There is a railing with spindles continuing from the top of the steps all the way across the loft. The loft overlooks the living room. This floor plan shows the two windows on the back wall being together, but we decided to split them and put one window on each side of the back wall instead (with a cable outlet centered between the windows), because the two windows together would take up most of the wall and limit us if we needed that wall for anything.

So, what should we do with this loft? Some ideas are to make it just another living room, use it as an office/music room (although this is not ideal because it is open and the noise would carry). Basically, we are just looking for different ideas. Here are some pics from the builder of what the loft looks like on a similar home.

Our windows are separated on each end of that back wall.

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