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Irrigation questions in general ^ South Florida lot 10,000 sq foot lot

Vincent Fabrici
8 years ago

Thanks for all the great advice about bermuda grass seed, now about about sprinklers.

Disclosure: the budget is tight.

Lot is approximately 7500 net sq feet of lawn, i would guess it would need between 12-20 heads.

So here are my questions,

1) considering florida heat and the lot size, how bad will the water bills be? $50 extra a month? a $100?

2) Assuming water cost is not extreme and i don't need a well, what would i be looking at roughly for a system and timer installed? Would they need to install a water pump and tank or would hose pressure and volume be enough for a small system? ( see three)

3) Can a small system, run off household water presssure, say four zones, four to five heads a zone? (see four) or again, would it need a pump and tank installed

4) lastly, after finding this,

I got an idea about doing an install myself with some jury rigged system. Is this feasible? IS there any savings in doing it yourself?

Thanks in advance

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