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pot ghettos

8 years ago

I'm not good at nuturing roses in pots.I can't seem to keep up with the fertilizing schedule suggested by Kim ; "weekly weakly". I try, but then the plot of my life thickens and stuff comes up and it always winds up that forget when I did the last dose,etc, etc, etc.So, I'd like some help in establishing criteria. My pot ghetto consists for the most part of 1)plants (grafted) that I put out without adequate soil preparation,that have sort of "hung on" to life but never being able to thrive 2) own-roots that resulted from in most cases a grafted being planted too deeply that subsequently grew roots, but not all in an organized, orderly fashion from around one point,so i wind up with two or more weak little babies. Now, whow long must I wait before putting one from category A out again into the garden? how much root mass must a rose have to be able to make it in a rough garden? a good example is a Super Dorothy that's been in a pot for ...boh? I don't remember how long! but I pulled it out of it's pot for a look today. It's been sitting there so long, and not seeming to grow at all The potting soil was a disgusting muck, clearly exhausted.There's a nice root system,but top growth is so scarse...shoyuld I just try putting it out? Fact is, it is very expensive in the long run to nurse roses along in pots. I could re-pot, in new soil, let it get bigger, but ...where to draw the line??? Comments, from all are welcome, but most especially from those of you who garden in challenging circumstances...poor soil, drought,etc

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