STPP issues

6 years ago

Hey laundry folks,

I recently bought some STPP from Dafna (I had previously ordered from ProSupply, but wanted to give Dafna a try since you all have such good results with it). There was an issue with my order - they accidentally shipped TSP labeled as STPP the first time around, but then shipped me a replacement bag that they had checked to make sure it was STPP.

The TSP I identified by the smell - it almost had a paint-like scent to it which I had not experienced with STPP before. So I tried dissolving it in a glass of water and it would not dissolve completely, even if left overnight!

When they shipped me the replacement I was very happy for the first couple of days only to realize that... the crystals still don't dissolve. I'm finding white crystals in my water glasses after the dishwasher - at first I thought it was food particles, but today took a closer look and it is definitely undissolved STPP. I'm also seeing residual white powder in the boot of the washer. When I add the STPP to a glass of water and stir it seems to dissolve completely, but when I just add it and let sit it seems to partially dissolve and then form a "crust" at the bottom.

So has anyone encountered the same issue? Could I have harmed my washer and dishwasher by using this strange STPP?

And just a heads up - if you've ordered from Dafna recently you might want to double check how the STPP performs. I now have 10lbs of TSP and 10lbs of STPP to dispose of...

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