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Florida coastal: Please critique this master suite

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Could you please critique this master suite floorplan. Notes:

1. Large house in coastal Florida, concrete block construction, master suite is it's own wing separated from rest of house; house will be built several feet off ground to be above flood zone (and for security as windows can not easily be reached from the ground outside)

2. Bottom of floorplan faces east, morning sun will shine through large windows in bedroom and office

3. Want lots of natural light in every room of the suite, including closets; all windows with plantation shutters

4. Do not like pocket doors at all; I anticipate hanging towels on back of the swing doors in bathroom; that's a built-in vanity pictured next to the tub

5. The 15" deep base cabinets in the hall will serve as laundry bins, and provide a small counter for folding clothes or placing knick-knacks; linen closet will server double-duty as broom closet; laundry room is in another part of the house where we want it

6. Large office important for computer work, bill-paying, hobbies, etc... and will serve as our private area away from guests; when sitting at the built-in desk with the doors open, you'll have a sight-line through the rest of the house all the way to the nice view in the back

7. Like the idea of having both the shower and the toilet in a separate part of the bathroom so that a second person can still use the vanities; small pedestal sink next to toilet could be replaced with bidet for resale value

Would very much appreciate your feedback on this design and if you have any suggestions on how to approve. Construction is scheduled to begin in 5 months.

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