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Need advice for planting steep yard and decorating patio

8 years ago

I'm just sort of at a loss. I'm not sure how to begin working on this yard. I want to put grass at the flat part at the bottom, to facilitate the dog pottying. She does go up on the hill as well though. Should I plant some things along to top of the retaining wall? I'm just looking for ideas--also for the patio, which is huge and I'm not sure what to do with it!! Any help/suggestions/ideas will be appreciated!! The first picture is an aerial view, because it's hard to see this yard as it is a slope up to a huge retaining wall from the patio retaining wall, with about a 10 foot flat area at the top of the patio retaining wall. There's more yard than it looks like from the ground-level photos. The red lines approximate the property line. You can't see the new steps we recently built in this photo.

Next are some more photos from ground level....

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