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Help! Need advice on 1950's bathroom tile & tub/shower

7 years ago

Hi, I am hoping for some advice on updating my grandparent's bathroom on a VERY small budget. I have inherited the house, but I am already spending a lot on updating the original plumbing, old fuse electric, a new roof & leveling the home. I had wanted to update the kitchen & bath entirely, but now do not have the funds. This is the only bathroom in the home (a 3 bedroom), so I do plan to move the toilet over and install a new double sink vanity.

Does anyone have some creative and/or inexpensive ways that I can update the shower? I had wanted to at least epoxy paint the tile, but I cannot do that myself or afford having the whole bathroom tile painted, since it runs the entire perimeter. So, now I may have to keep this original tile (ick) but re-grout it. I'm stuck with what to do about the area in the shower above the tile. There is this old laminate of some sort glued to the wall. Any ideas what I could do there instead? I did find 4x4 in white tiles at HD (same size in bathroom now) but I don't know but that would look right against the black & purplish tile?

Also, it should be stated that the original tile was set with chicken wire and about an inch of plaster/cement. My neighbor said it was almost impossible for him to get all of his off, so I'd rather avoid that option. I have inserted pics below.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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