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Cardiocrinum Giganteum Seed var. yunnanese

The pods were nice and dry, had split open so this morning I harvested the seed. I sat with a big ziplock emptying the pods into the bag, even as careful as I was I ended up with a lot on the floor. This variety of Cardiocrinum I think is a little easier to get to a flowering size then the other Cardiocrinum I have, at least from the pups it throws, I had one bloom the very next year, surprised the heck out of me as they usually take 3 or 4 years.

CAMP, if you still want some seed, message me your address. If anyone else would like to try growing it from seed message me.

I cut the stock and brought it
inside to finish drying when the rain started. Not complaining though
our forests really need it, hoping for a good snow pack in the mountains
this year, last year there wasn't one and we dealt with drought for the
first time.

It is a big bagful of seed and there's probably a few duds but as you can see by the picture I'm not about to sort through
that lot, even shelling them into a zip lock bag I still ended up with
lots on the floor, time to get the vacuum out.

For the time being I'll store them in the fridge. I've never grown from seed
myself but I believe they need a couple of cold periods, Youtube has a
couple on sowing the seed.

If anyone has the time and patience and would like to grow this fragrant beauty message me your address and I'll pop a few in the mail. For those in colder climates this could be grown in a large tub and moved to a more protected location for the winter, I've seen some beauties in half barrels so a large tub would probably work.

Bag is 12x10 inches

The new foliage, it turns a dull-ish green later on

The flowers


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