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A new adventure

Devon Mortensen
8 years ago

Long time no see. I hope everyone is well life has been quite an adventure. I've gone through loads of cancer treatments and as of last month cancer free. The kids are huge and my flowers are beautiful now if I could only kill all the dang grass that grows in my flower beds. but that will be fixed because I am going to move. but enough from me. I have always wanted my own little orchard/forest and come next spring I will be moving to southern Idaho with 40 acres to do with as I please, I would love to start my own forest with seeds and would love to plant sporadic and erratically through out my property. I would like to start out with 15 or more trees of each variety and even mix and match the sub varieties (like all the different kinds of Walnuts) I'm open to whatever kind of other tree's that would do well in a 5-6 growing zone. Every home we have moved into I have started my little orchard and hated to leave it when we move. I take my Amaryllises with me, but now I get to have my cake (land) and eat it to (my trees). I'm going to cross post this in another forum but I thought this would be a good place to stop in and say hi. Okay I NEED SEEDS to start this off and was hoping ya'll could come to my rescue with some seed donations from your own trees, then each one of you could help to plant a new forest. I'm looking for, but not limited to all different varieties of:













if there is something else that you think would be great in our "Nutty Forest" I would love to plant them too.

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