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Looking for the perfect tree - Zone 10B

Hi, I'm in Coastal Southern California. I want to plant a tree in the front yard. This is intended be the signature feature that defines my property. I'm the primary corner house as you enter the neighborhood, so I want something that will command attention. To give an example of what I mean, I've attached a photo of a Camphor tree that I love. That's not my house, but it's the effect that I'm going for. To summarize, I'm looking for something that will be big, beautiful, and majestic.

So why not just plant a Camphor tree? That was the plan, until my wife shot it down. She's concerned with Camphor trees being terribly messy year round and an overall nuisance. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

And this is where I need your help...If not the camphor, then what? I'm open to all suggestions (well... as long as it's not a palm or a pine :-).

Thanks in advance!

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