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Do You Grow Tired of Your Roses?

By that I don't mean that you're tired of roses as a group, but just the particular ones you've selected. I may have been concentrating on my garden too much lately and that could be part of the problem, but I'm beginning to feel a sort of weariness in more or less seeing the same roses that I've been looking at for years. To compound the problem, in order to make "safe" choices for my finicky environment, I tend to order roses in multiples. SdlM is my best rose so I ordered two more. I need a rose with fewer petals in white so I chose Marie Pavie, which I've had before but which had canker. Sister Elizabeth, Carding Mill, The Faun, Madame Lambard, Jesse Hildreth (which is probably Westside Rose Cream Tea but cost me four times as much), International Herald Tribune, Bishop's Castle, Duchesse de Brabant - been there, done that. These are roses that I liked and knew what to expect, but now I just don't feel that frisson of excitement that I'd like to have. I'm tired to death of growing on tiny bands and have no room for more roses anyway, but that feeling of boredom persists.

Anyone else facing this dilemma, or am I utterly spoiled and should instead concentrate on the many blessings in my life? Should someone slap me up the side of the head? I'm really curious about this (but would not dare mention it anywhere but here).

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