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Layout for Long Sunroom/Family Room Help PICS!!!

7 years ago

It's a Cape style home. There is a deck off the one side.

We live in the country and are overlooking a nice field.

What furniture layout should we use?

None of our layouts seem to work very well.

What shape couch should we buy?

We are very hard on furniture so something sturdy would be nice

but Comfortable would be best.

Choices would be these (unless someone has better ideas):

A Couch or 2 Swivel Chairs or 2 Recliners would be nice.


When the Interior French Doors open all the way it feels like it takes up most of the room and we have them open most of the time.

I wouldn't mind being able to walk up to the windows to look out them.

There is a tall bookcase that can go in or out of the room if we want.

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