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Help me save my poor rambler

7 years ago

I live in an apartment complex where each apartment has its own yard and fence. I have a (assumed) rambler growing in front of the fence (it was left by a previous tenant, but its growth pattern and size make me think it's a rambler). Well, they were painting our fence today, and they pulled the roses so hard that my main cane for this rose snapped off underground. My first question has to do with what's left of that rose... what can I do to save it? With winter coming and the heart of the rose snapped in half, I don't know what I could do... I brushed away most of the dirt and poured white glue on the broken bit, same thing I do to keep bugs out of pruned canes. Is there anything more to do?

My second question has to do with the cutting I took from the tip of this cane. I unsuccessfully tried to root a gardenia cutting earlier this year, but there wasn't much left of the gardenia when I attempted it so maybe that cutting was too small. But for this cutting, I took about 12", slant cut at the base, removed most of the lower leafs (maybe 5 small leaf clusters left... it was a very small branch so the leafs are small), sprayed the whole thing down with fungicide since I've been battling powdery mildew all year, made about 1" cuts along the length of the stem at the base, and dunked it in rooting powder. I've got it in a mix of 1:4 perlite to miracle grow potting soil in a small plastic pot left over from my petunias lined with a coffee filter, and sprayed the soil down with distilled water. I haven't got it under a bag or anything yet because I don't have anything adequate to cover it, but I needed to what I could tonight while the cane was still living. All our windows face west and get strong direct sun in the evening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I love this rose, and I want to save it if at all possible. I can repot it tomorrow if what I've done isn't good enough.

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