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Secret Santa Seed Swap 2015 ( 8th year)

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi everyone, so sorry to be late posting, but hope you will join in helping spread the spirit of Christmas with others :) PLEASE...remember this swap is about GIVING, and bringing a bit of the spirit of friendship with others.

Here are the rules, and dates :

1. This will be a wish list swap, please post your TOP 30
wishes ON SECOND THREAD Marked " Secret Santa Swap WISH LISTS"

( also make sure your regular want list is up to date,
incase the Elves wants to take a Peek !)


***WISH LIST....can be flowers, herbs, or edibles. This is a
SEED SWAP ( although Santa or the Elves may find it in their heart to mail
plants, bulbs)

2. Posting a wish list, signs you up to particapate in this
swap...deadline to post wishlists will be November 27th

3. pack your seeds and cards as you go, plan on having them ready by
December 4th ( you will get a date to mail later)

***PLEASE work on your seeds as the wish lists are posted,
so you are ready to mail by your date

4. PLEASE send your mailing address to me ASAP ! WITH your
screen name Like this... ( DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM !!) I need your info in THIS FORM to make copy and pasting into the spreadsheet easier, PLEASE !!

Flwrs4ever ( your
screen name)

Santa Claus ( your
full name)

100 Snow Lane

North Pole 00000

** please let me know if
you are a NEWBIE. Newbie for this swap is defined as someone with NO SEEDS to


5. PLEASE include a Christmas card ..... How you mail, is to
your discression. We mostly mailed inside envies with bubble wrap last
season...and bubble envies for mulitple seed packs OR large size seeds.
Remember to mail the best way you can! This is all about GIVING in the SPIRIT
of the Holidays !

** homemade cards are welcome !!

6. PLEASE, send me a list of WHOM you are mailing to...I
just need a list of screen names ( NOT, what you are mailing ) , to make sure
everyone will be happily surprised. I will need your list by DEC 4th start
packin your seeds !! ( This will allow me time to ask a few elves for help ,
making sure wishes come true ! )

***HOW many you mail to will be kept confidential, it isnt
about HOW MANY, it is about the SPIRIT, and the fact that you shared some
HOLIDAY CHEER with another !!

7. This is a "secret" swap...but PLEASE put your
return address on the envie..and screen name, so everyone can be thanked :) The
secret is to be, until they receive their card !


YES....some people may receive multiples of the same seed,
but the best part may be a different color, or variety...ALSO,they can
use them to trade later !

You MUST come to the forum and thank those that mailed
cards to you !!!!!!!! Please be thankful and gracious to those that take the
time to mail !

SEASON !!!! ( must be a member in GOOD standing)

My email is :

Comments (641)

  • Jaime
    6 years ago

    Thank you to Shannon for the Noel peace and hot card and for the pink snapdragon and cleome.

    A big thank you to everyone who sent me cards and seeds. I love this swap. It's a blast. And a giant thank you to Santa kym!! You've made a GREAT swap. :)

  • Diknownana
    6 years ago

    I couldn't agree more with everyone....what a great swap!

    And I want to thank Lisa/ishareflowers for the beautiful snowman card and 3 different kinds of nicotiana!!!! :) :) :) Love nicotiana (in case you couldn't tell). And these are 3 I haven't tried yet so I'm REALLLYY excited.

    Thank you again Lisa and everyone else! You have all shown what wonderful people gardeners are by sharing the love.

    Thank you all and i hope everyone has a wonderful & GREEN 2016!!!!


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    Was gonna post this last night,...-sigh-...but,...once again I fell asleep at the keyboard. Sometimes this dang chair really is just way too comfortable. LOL! - Anywayyyyy,...sorry. Ahem,, to continue. Okay, so two days ago I received two more fantastic seed laden Christmas cards,... From tbbgardens (Trudy): A really nice, snowy card with a pair of Cardinal birds (my MIL's feathery fave), and YEAH,...Back Pearl Pepper seeds (another Wishlist BIGGIE!!), also Scarlet Creeper Vine (We have lots of chainlink fence here at our new place just begging for vines of all kinds, plus we also have an arbor out back), Hoya (Pretty! Flower stars!) and Anise Hyssop (From what I've read, this is one heckuva perennial herb! Great looks, great scent, and leaves for tea)! Never tried any of these, but now I'm sure gonna!! Thank you so very much Trudy, for the beautiful card and seeds, and for all the helpful information! :) From ruthz (Ruth, of course): A cool "Let it snow" card with a plastic window featuring simulated snow and a view of a jolly snowman, and no less than three more selections from my Wishlist!! Lemon Drop Pepper (Yessss!), more Black Pearl Pepper (Lovin' it!) and Eupatorium rugosum ‘Chocolate’ (Tallish, with purple-bronze leaves and white flower clusters - Niiice!! Thank you soooooo much, Ruth!! :) Cards and seeds received yesterday... From wishdesign (Jean): A cute "Share the joy of the season" card with a plush-toyish-looking reindeer offering symbols of the season as gifts. Now,...for the seeds (O Boy, O Boy, O Boy!!), first off, more Lemon Drop Pepper (Genetic diversity rocks,...who wants inbred peppers?! The more the merrier!!), Goji Berry (Majorly doing the Happy Dance!! Yeah baby!! Definitely a SUPER BIG TIME want from my Wishlist!!) and Indian Ginseng (Aswagandha - A medicinal herb for folks with insomnia, and the berries can be used as a substitute for Rennet in cheese making...totally rippin' cool!!). Thanks bunches, Jean!! Oh,...and the little red zippies, uber nice touch!! :) From missmojo (Lisa): A cool, handmade Christmas card, stamped with an image of holly and "Happy Holidays!", with purple Balloon Flower seeds (Yip-yip YES! My SIL only has blue,...guess who's gonna be wanting whose seeds now!! He-he!) Thanks a bunch, Lisa! :) Today's card... From dirtdaddy (David): How totally cool! An Elvis card! Could easily be the cover-art for The King's Blue Christmas single (if there ever was such)! - Ahhhh, now for the seeds! Man-O-man! More Black Pearl Pepper (Enough is never enough!!), more Lemon Drop Pepper (Like I said for Black Pearl), Thai Red Hot Pepper (Yeah! It's cold outside, stoke the fire!), Dr. Wyche's Yellow tomato (From the late Dr. John Wyche - Oooo, a real good one, to be sure!!), Jimmy Nardello Pepper (Sweet and light when eaten raw, classic Italian frying pepper, a favorite non-hot. - Hmmm, methinks a bit o' culinary experimentation is definitely in order), Bush Moon Flower (White Datura? We have Moon Flower vine, Morning Glory type.) Thanks loads, David!! :)
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  • sdambr
    6 years ago

    Another card today!

    Faye (nottougly) Thank you for my latest arrival, a wonderful Christmas card and dark pink celosia seeds.

    Thanks everyone! This is truly my favorite of all the swaps.

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

  • mrs.b_in_wy
    6 years ago

    I'm sending a big thank you to Lisa/ishareflowers for the lovely, sparkly ice skating card. Inside was a delightful treasure trove of seeds. Allium Fireworks yellow (I love alliums so much, I even let the leeks bloom all over the yard.), Strawberry Foxglove & Cafe Cream Foxglove (thrilled to add new kinds of foxgloves to the garden), Route 66 Coreopsis (I've admired these for years.), Great Blue Lobelia (thought I had seeds for these right up until the plants started blooming "cardinalis-red" :) ), Jack-in-the-Pulpit (wowie!), Cleome lutea (I can almost hear the bees buzzing a thank-you chorus!), Cranberry Cotoneaster (I love watching the birds pick berries off the neighbor's bushes. I look forward to the day I get to watch the birds in our own yard.), Columbine Little Lanterns & Dragonfly Columbine (beautiful!).

    Thanks to you, I crossed a bunch of things off my wish list. Thanks also to your awesome packaging (complete with snowman bubble wrap), everything arrived in perfect shape, too :) Thanks ever so much!

  • mrs.b_in_wy
    6 years ago

    I just ran across a picture I took in October 2014 of a pot of baby Aechmea fasciata. The tag on the ones I still have says I sowed the seeds in January 2014. (20 seeds out of 21 came up.) I sure hope the ones I sent are still viable and make more baby vase plants :)

  • redthreaddiy
    6 years ago

    nottougly sent a Glittery Santa card with Conbrero Hat Coral Coneflowers! Awesome, thank you!

  • heavenlyfarm
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    One last thank you to everyone unless I get a late card :) And I wanted to share my pic of all the cards I've received this year!! :)

    mrs.b_in_wy , those seedlings are cute!!! lol I love pics of seedling success!



  • bluee19
    6 years ago

    I got a lovely card from ishareflowers!! Thank you friend for the tomato pineapple, tomato special turkish, and tomato jubilee. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and getting mail like yours is so much better than my bills. Happy Wednesday everyone!!

  • sdambr
    6 years ago

    Shannon (slm2118) Thank you for the lovely snowman card and the sunflowers. They sure will brighten my home garden and life! Can't wait to get started.

  • Gloria
    6 years ago

    Thank you Shannon (slm2118) for the nice Christmas card and the malabar spinach seeds. They are just what I was looking forward to growing nexr year.

  • Gloria
    6 years ago

    Ms Chckim thank you so much for the Christmas tree card. I will enjoy growing (and eating) the soybeans next year.

  • roper2008
    6 years ago

    Thank you to Diane/Diknownana for the Lobelia, Dianthus, Datura and Joe Pye Weed. Can't wait to grow them next summer.

    Thank you Shannon/slm2118 for the mixed Bell Pepper and Mixed tomato seed.

  • tessie83856
    6 years ago

    Thank you to Tammy/mcc371 for the lettace, arugula, basil and oregano.
    Will plant them all. Cute Santa and teddy bear card.

  • gardengirl37232
    6 years ago

    I am not sure what happened to the post I wrote earlier today but it seems to have disappeared so I will re-post.

    I came back from visiting family and got a bunch of terrific cards.

    Thank you Diane (Diknownana) for the drummer boy card and the diva cucumber, coleus Fairway and Superfine Rainbow mix (Love coleus!), and portuluca moss rose mixed (really looking forward to trying these!) seeds.

    Thank you Shannon (sim2118) for the Country Christmas card and the Chinese chard (interested to see what these are), Iroquois melon, chervil (never had it but have been interested in trying it so thanks!), and tomato chocolate berry seeds.

    Thank you Lorabell for the Joy card and the celosia cristata (yea!), dahlia Spurling's fireworks (excited to try these), and scorzonera Russian noir (looking forward to these) seeds.

    Thank you Dawn (lexiegurl109) for the festive penguin card and all those seeds: Easer egg radish mix (sounds gorgeous), Ashley cucumber (had to look this up and sounds like a great one for me), rainbow carrot, atomic red carrot, tonda di parigi carrot, gold ball turnip (I had to look this up and I am so glad I have it now!), and chioggia beet seeds. Love growing root vegetables and it sounds like it will be a colorful year!

    Thank you May for the very elegant card and the eggplant, cucumber, smooth luffa (I only have the ridged one so looking forward to trying this), and the ong choy (excited to try this!) seeds.

    Thank you Anne (canyonwind) for the snowman card with the festive decorations and the Nero di Toscana cabbage and the Savoy Piaconza cabbage (I have never had Savoy cabbage and have been wanting to try it so thanks!) seeds.

    Finally, thank you so much Kym for doing this swap again and bringing so much joy to so many this holiday season!

  • flwrs4ever
    Original Author
    6 years ago

    Happy New Year Everyone !! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season this year :)

    I have 3 more thank you'd ...

    Diknownana, thanks for the toamyoes and pretty card !

    Sln2118 , what a cute card ! Krystal's veggie garden will be plentiful this year..thanks !!

    Gardengirl, love the animal scene on the card..and thanks for helping Krystal with her garden.

    Krystal said she may need to take a semester off just to grow all the seeds :) thanks again to you all :)

    I hope you ALL enjoyed mail boxing..and enjoy growing all your wonderful seeds this spring !!!

    Happy New Year !

    Santa Kym

  • Dan Coates
    6 years ago

    Lisa/ishareflowers, you sure know how to make my day. Not only did you send me some lovely cosmos to enjoy, but 2 different types of grass seeds for the cats to enjoy! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I'll be planting these later today and starting them in a pot in a terrarium so they can get a good start before Grumpy eats them all. When it comes to seedlings, he's a little!


  • Diknownana
    6 years ago

    Just when I thought I could start planning my garden, another card appears from Dawn/lexiegurl09. She sent a beautiful reindeer card with 3 different kinds of tomato seeds (Goliath, Ozark Sunset & Cero Blackburn) and 3 different kinds of pepper seeds (T.S Butch T, New Mex Twilight & Rainforest). I'm so excited. When I opened the card and saw all the seeds, I looked at my husband and said we need more garden area. He rolled his eyes and left the!! So I hollered after him that he didn't need to worry. I'll plant the extra tomato and pepper plants in with my flower beds. Everybody knows I'm crazy so they won't even think anything of it. :)

    Thanks again Dawn & everyone! This swap has been a blast!

    Take care & Happy New Year everyone!


  • Wild Haired Mavens
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I received two more cards,

    Shannon sjm, sent Iroquois melon, cherry tomatoes and Chinese chard, I love new melons and am really excited to try Chinese chard. Always need more tomatoes. Her card said peace.

    Lexiegurl109 sent me a wonderful tomato garden of beauty king, lilac giant, bicolor cherry, orange minsk, and chocolate champion. Also bride eggplant yeah! A fancy santa card with white glitter on his hat.

    happy new year

  • SusieQsie_Fla
    6 years ago

    Heidi - Thanks for sending me so many asclepias varieties - plus the Orange Torch and the branching sunflowers. And I love love zinnias, so I can't wait to try the red ones you sent. Thanks a million, my friend!

    Darrin - Here's thanks for sending me such cool lettuce varieties. I am especially liking the seed starter kit for Romaine - very generous of you! Also, thanks for the beans and the Rutgers & BoxCar Willie tomatoes . . . . . these are perfect! I am so happy!

    Wishing you both a Happy New Year and a great gardening season.

    It's so wonderful to have all my Christmas seed wishes come true. Santa Kym and her elves are utterly amazing!


  • cryptid
    6 years ago

    Would've posted back sooner, but lately I've been sick, with upchucking, uncontrollable shivers, weakness and an inability to consume solid foods. No fever, though, oddly-n-thankfully enough.

  • mrs.b_in_wy
    6 years ago

    Sounds awful Cryptid :( Thinking of you, hoping you feel better soon!

  • nottougly
    6 years ago

    Whew!!! I can finally take a breath and relax a day or
    two. Amazon has kept me extra busy this holiday season. I can now send out my
    thank you. I really appreciated the cards and seeds. Thank you so much. I loved
    each of them.

    I would like to personally thank:

    Clipclop -
    Linda sent, Rose Champion, Jerusalem Cherry
    and Four O'clocks, Yellow
    Cghpnd - Crystal sent Cosmos,
    Daydream, Liatris, Purple, Castor Bean, Pumpkin - Little and Cantaloupe
    Katkn - Kathy sent a Cactus Mix and
    Hibiscus, Hardy
    Erica Braun sent a nice Recipe that
    I am going to try out. Thank you very much.
    amybabyboy3 - Amy sent a
    Coneflower, mystery color

    Lorabell NC
    sent me Painted Daisy, Philippine Lily and Pole Beans, Cherokee Trail of Tears

    Primerose1x3 -
    Karen sent stuff for my fairy garden. Annual Fairy Mix, Snow Cap, arabis
    caucasica, Brachycome - Brachy Blue, Dianthus - Black and White Minestrels,
    Nepeta mussinii, white, creeping - catmint, Portulaca - Stopwatch, Primula elatior
    x polyantha, gigantea mix, Astilbe chinensis y pumila

    SusieQsie -
    Susie sent Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn, Beauty Berry Shrub, Evening
    Primrose, Utah Celery, Brussel Sprouts, Long Island, Cat Grass (Oats) Northern Sea Oats

    Redthreaddiy -
    Katie sent in Joe Pye Weed, Poppy - CA Orange, Tomato - Pink Oxheart, Tomato -
    Tomacci, Tomato - Box Car Willie and Peace Lily

    Mrs_B_in_WY -
    Michelle sent me Aechmea
    fasciata, pink, Heteropappus
    meyendorfii, Blue Knoll - Disocactus Ramulosus - Red mistletoe cactus, Asclepias incarnata - swamp milkweed and Sedum sediforme - Turquoise

    Sdambr - Sue sent
    with a nice card Datura, White,
    Fennel, Florence, Celosia
    spicata, pink, Bunny Tails Grass and Mimosa,
    Sensitive Plant

    Xiangirl - Heidi sent Squash,
    Dixie Hybrid and Blanketflower, pulchella. Actually she sent two of the Blanketflower,

    Slm2118 - Shannon sent Tomatoes,
    mixed, Cantaloupe, Chervil, Columbine, mixed, Poppy,
    mixed Forget Me Not and Sunflower,

    Anthony Gatlin sent a Wildflower Mix

    And then on 12/30/2015
    Cryptid - Darrin sent a surprise of Chamomile, Basil – Thai and Love in Mist - Miss

    Thank you everyone. You guys have been real generous.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.


  • littlecheryl
    6 years ago

    Thank you Anthony Gatlin for the wildflower mix and card!!

  • jas_il
    6 years ago

    Mrs B in WY, aechmea fasciata pink flower (Silver Vase/Urn Plant) did sprout for me. I sowed on Dec 19th and they are tiny seedlings now. It has good germination and most of them are sprouted. thank you so much for the seeds.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • mrs.b_in_wy
    6 years ago

    Thank you for the germination report jal_il! I'm so glad. When I ran across them, I was feeling badly that I hadn't sent them out into the world.

    Glad you received your card nottougly! You're certainly welcome.

  • katkn
    6 years ago

    No more cards, but today I did winter sow the coneflowers and milkweed I got in this swap :)

  • May
    6 years ago

    Thank you Shannon/Slm2118 for the the peace card, mixed tomatoes, bell peppers, scallion seeds and sweet onion seeds! Somehow I missed your card among the bills. Happy New Year!!

  • lorabell_gw
    6 years ago

    I'm back from holiday and have much thanks for the amazing cards and seeds greeting me!

    Shannon (slm2118) Thank you so much for the mixed peppers! I didn't plant enough sweet peppers last year... Won't make that mistake again! Also mixed poppy and forgetmenots! Appreciate it!

    I share flowers, what a gorgeous card! Three different hibiscus seeds, blue river and Luna pink swirl....super happy here! Thanks!

    rane-grow Thank you for the beautiful card with your 'Goldstrum rudbeckia ' I already have my overwintering containers prepped and these are a 'for sure' to plant! Appreciate it!

    mcc Tammy. Also a gorgeous card! Definitely spoiled me with Luna rose hibiscus, Arizona sun gaillardia , balloon flowers, Shasta daisy and white hollyhocks! Thank you so much!

    xiangirl, your card rocks! Super cute! And I'm so excited about the alliums! Allium aflatunese and nigrum! Also included yellow queen gaillardia and purple ruffles basil! Very nice!

    Paulan, thank you sooo much for the bonfire begonia! So happy! Also for the tomatoes which are perfect! Appreciate it!

    Tasha, very cute card! Am excited to try those reisetomato! And the licorice cool does that sound!

    Susie, wow, what a wonderful selection of seeds! Aji lemon and Fresno peppers, nigella black cumin and American leeks are all perfect for this summers garden! Also love the flowers, hibiscus and rose campion. Thank you!

    diknownana-Diane, absolutely beautiful card! Thanks so much for the diva cucumbers which I've never tried! Also a 'for sure' in this summers garden! Love the deep pink hibiscus and tokajer gaillardia!

    Everyones seeds and cards this year have arrived in perfect shape!

    Thanks again!

  • Kim Ms. Chickim
    6 years ago

    Just when I thought Christmas was over, I received 2 more cards in the mail :) I would like to thank

    Lisa, Ishareflowers, for the early Vienna kohlrabi and the Hibiscus, Sabdariffa Jamician Roselle and

    Paul, Fommy15 for the sunflowers, cucumbers and coneflowers.

    I am actively winter sowing many of the seeds I received to get a jump start on the summer's planting.

    Thanks again everyone for the very happy Christmas!!!

  • cryptid
    6 years ago

    Yay! I'm able to sit at the computer for a while again! - ATTN: BETSY - The Cuban Oregano starts you sent are doing fine! Elly put them in a glass of water and they're rooting-up nicely! :) Totally looking forward to turning them little plants into BIG ones. - Thank you so much, again!!

  • ruby_dog_gw
    6 years ago

    Cryptid, glad you're feeling better and the cuttings are doing well! They're tough little guys. Happy new year,


  • T Richards
    6 years ago

    I must have been
    better last year than I thought!! Santa’s elves were so generous and
    thoughtful, I’m going to need triple the amount of garden space I currently
    have. And it’s now absolutely impossible not to start putting things under the
    grow lights because I simply CAN’T WAIT. There are just too many exciting
    things sitting in my seed box.

    Matthew (smungung) –
    Thank you for the lettuce, the zucchini (I have been wanting to grow zucchini
    since I got one of those veggie spiralizers!) and the elephant garlic. I’ve
    always wanted to try growing garlic and keep looking online at the garlic sales
    but don’t have the courage to try it. Very excited to try it now!

    Dawn (lexiegurl109) – 3 kinds
    of tomatoes, none of which I’ve ever heard of. They all sound so exciting
    especially the Dwarf emerald giant! Giant and pimento peppers, savoy cabbage,
    and collards. I was introduced to collards on New Year’s Day as a specialty of
    the South, so now I’m looking forward to planting them even more J

    Shannon (slm2118) – I’ve
    already planted the salad mix and the kale J Very excited to plant the sweet onion also. Thank you for the mixed
    bell peppers, the parsley and the red cherry tomato. It’s like a salad in a
    card. So perfect.

    May – I love how you
    packaged the seeds! Cucumber (my favorite summer veggie), and eggplant and
    watermelon – two things I’ve been wanting to plant. Thank you!!

    Darlyn – Thank you for the
    parsley! And, the mixed zinnias from your own garden. I am looking forward to
    planting flowers for the first time this spring. J (p.s. I love the cardinal on the front of your card. I have a pair of
    cardinals I call Frankie and Maggie who come to my patio every day. Such
    beautiful birds)

    Karen Holt – The packages
    of French and yellow marigolds are absolutely darling! So glad you included the
    instructions on sun/shade so I can easily get them into the beds in the spring.
    And thank you for the wonder pepper and the okra.

    Iris (rane_grow) – Thank
    you for the big package of Rutgers tomatoes! I hear this grows really well in my
    area and is super resilient to disease, cracking, and should be a good
    producer. Can’t wait to get these started.

    Heidi (xiangirl) – The
    package of giant noble spinach is awesome! I have been wanting to grow spinach
    after the last frost, thank you J And thank you for
    the wonder pepper and New Mexico pepper – I’ve never heard of it before, but it
    says ‘medium hot’ and I’ll be growing it for my grandmother, who loves semi-hot

  • T Richards
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    David (dirtdaddy) – I had
    to make this a whole separate thank you.

    Your envelope was literally
    bursting with seeds. Unbelievably generous and thoughtful – so many things from
    my meandering wish list, many things I’ve never heard of, a cornucopia of
    seeds. Google got a mega-workout when I opened the envelope. ;)

    Flowers and companion
    flowers - three kinds of marigolds, calendula, and three kinds of sunflowers :)

    Tomatoes! Golden jubilees
    and anahu (new varieties to me), and yellow pear tomatoes which grow like the
    blazes here in Texas.

    Herbs galore…Bronze
    fennel, dill, red shiso (I had to google this!), FOUR kinds of mint, curly
    mustard, epazote (also had to google)…and purple basil. And chrysanthemum greens, which I also had
    to google (I thought they were flowers) ;)

    Lots of greens,
    including a beautiful package of ruby red lettuce seeds. Mache corn salad (more
    googling…), ruby red chard, okra, and dwarf curly kale (which I've already planted, grows great in the Texas winter!).

    Japanese eggplant (wow!),
    turnips, purple beans, AND…thai bird chiles which are literally tiny miniature chiles. (Do I
    plant them just like that)?

    David, I’m
    overwhelmed and very grateful. Your generosity is very moving.

  • lexiegurl09
    6 years ago

    I have a few late thank you's to give :)

    Paul (Fommy15) thank you for the Burpee pickled cucumber, Carmen f5 pepper, and beananza bush bean seeds!

    Shannon (slm2118) Thank you for the mixed scallions, mustard, Chicago pickling cucumber, and red cherry tomato seeds!

    Darrin (cryptid) Thank you for the Vates Dwarf blue curled kale, Tronchuda Kale, Red Russian (Raged Jack) Kale, Michihili Cabbage, Raab Broccoli, Sweet Banana Pepper, Morris Heading collards, Atomic red carrot, and little finger carrot seeds!

    I always enjoy this swap every year and look forward to it next year!


  • canyonwind
    6 years ago

    Lisa (Ishareflowers) sent me another lovely card with seeds. You are one fine generous Secret Santa.....Thank you for the Ping Tung Eggplant, Mexican Sunflower Torch Tithonia and Russian Red Kale. Your Card with the ice skaters reminds me that I want to go ice skating. I have not had a pair of ice skates on in many years.........


  • dirtdaddy
    6 years ago

    T. Richards, hope u enjoy them! Plant the seeds from the thai chiles, mine do very well in 1-2 gallon pots. A bird chile is not thai at all but from northern mexico and southern U.S. They grow in the wild. I've been planting and grinding this one into chile powder for many, many years now. Sometimes I bring em in for the winter.

    The shisho like to self seed. I grow it around greens to confuse the bugs.

    I've got apple mint I could dig and send some roots/cuttings?

    Thanks to everyone, and all the cards! I'll be planting tomatoes and chiles in 69 days in start trays on my kitchen table.

    I'll still plant tomatoes, but my wife wants more peas, beans, beans, and squash, so I'll put more effort in those! PEACE! HAPPY 2016, dd.

  • T Richards
    6 years ago

    Hi dirtdaddy (Tried to send you a message but couldn't find where to!) - appreciate the offer to send cuttings - I'm going to try to grow some apple mint under the grow light! If no luck I may come back to you ;)

    I have one question - one of the seed packets in your amazing package, the label seems to have gotten rubbed off (I think marker) so they are mystery seeds. Any idea what they are? I can plant them and see!

  • dirtdaddy
    6 years ago

    Looks like a sunflower! Lemon? dd.

  • Melinda Hagen
    6 years ago

    I rec'd a Christmas card and seeds from Faye/nottoughly the other day! Can't tell when send date was, but will enjoy them! Thanks so much!

  • slm2118
    6 years ago

    I've been out of town for the last 3 weeks and came home to several wonderful cards! Thanks to Betsy (ruby_dog), Heidi (xiangirl), Susie Chunat, Mandy (l1oness), a secret Santa from Georgetown, MA, Shirley (Brittneysgran), Christal (cghpnd), and Sarah (nottougly)! I can't wait to start gardening this season!!!!

  • val (MA z6)
    6 years ago

    This is the swap that keeps on giving ;0)

    I just want to repeat: Kym, I SOOOO enjoyed this was such FUN! Both to give AND receive! Thx again for being a great hostess and offering this up to the enjoyment of so many!

  • canyonwind
    6 years ago

    WOW....another Secret Santa surprise was delivered yesterday.

    Sinbadsmom sent me a beautiful card with seeds galore! Wonderful selection...Bright Pink Maltese, Columbine Tequila Sunrise, Columbine Nora Barlow Christa, Hollyhock Double Rose, Wild Delphinium, Coreopsis Route 66 and Columbine Green Apples. Thank you so very much Kathie!

    Kathie, cheers to a very beautiful and safe 2016!

    Santa Kym, thanks again for putting on a wonderful Secret Santa Show for us......


  • Darlyn Hall
    6 years ago

    I have a very late thank you to post to Darrin, (Cryptid), for the beautiful Christmas card containing the generous selection of seeds for my Spring garden. He sent me: Rocky Mountain Blue Columbine, Long, Thin Cayenne peppers, Black Magic Bachelor Buttons, Habanero peppers, (my favorites), Glass Gem Corn, Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax peppers, (I'm half Hungarian..can't wait to plant these), and Bloody Butcher Corn. My daughter, (yotetrapper), was visiting from Mississippi when I received this card, and told me how much I would love the Glass Gem corn, so I especially can't wait to plant those!! I apologize for being so late with my thank you for this wonderful selection! I had a very hectic but wonderful holiday season, and fell behind with my thank yous!! Thank you again for your generosity!

    I would also like to thank Kim for this wonderful seed swap. It contributes to making my Christmas special, sharing cards, seeds, thoughts and compassion from such wonderful friends throughout the country! I hope everyone has a blessed and Happy New Year, and I can't wait to be a part of this wonderful swap again next Christmas!!


  • patrob
    6 years ago

    I have been overwhelmed for a few months with ongoing medical issues, and I owe lots and lots of thank-you's! I did not expect all the wonderful cards, seeds, and even delicious cookies, that came my way after I let Kym know I had missed the deadline to post my wishlist and would participate next year instead. There are so very many generous Santas in this swap! I appreciate each one of you and will be thanking you individually as soon as I am able.

  • patrob
    6 years ago

    Thank you, smitties, for the cute card with a reindeer wearing a scarf and wishing 'Happy Holidays.' I am delighted to have seeds for 'Pink Senorita' zinnias!

    sinbadsmom, I love the beautiful card with red and white striped amaryllis. The cookies you sent were delicious! I shared with my husband, and he approved of them as well.

    katkn, thank you for the elegant snowflake card with blue showing through the punched snowflakes. I love hardy hibiscus and will be sowing the seeds you sent.

    clipclop, thank you for the pretty card depicting Santa placing gifts under the tree as well as the words of encouragement. You are right that cards and notes from friends give something to look forward to during a difficult time.

    Wild Haired Mavens, I appreciate the beautiful get-well card with tulips and bird houses and your wishes for good health. I'll definitely enjoy growing and eating the Swiss chard 'Five Color Silverbeet.'

    roper2008, thank you for the beautiful card with two snowmen in the woods and the one word 'Believe.' I love the words inside: 'Believe in goodness, peace, and love. Believe in hope, joy, and miracles. Believe in family, friends, and togetherness.' I appreciate the seeds for Salvia regeliana and Salvia 'Hot Trumpets' as well.

    pinkiris, what a sweet card with little Native Americans standing around Baby Jesus! I appreciate your thinking of me and wishing me 'the light of hope.'

    primrose1X3, your card is lovely: a sparkling starry sky, pine trees laden with snow, a spotted fawn curled up under the branches, and the bright star in the east. I'll enjoy the seeds you included as well: Snapdragon 'Twinny White,' Shirley poppy 'Mother of Pearl,' Campanula 'Bavarian White,' California poppy 'Thai Silk Rose Chiffon,' and Salvias darcyi, 'Evolution,' and guaranatica.

    I received a pretty card shaped like a little church with a golden bell hanging in the steeple from Amber (amberroses perhaps?), I am delighted to receive seeds for tomatoes 'Green Doctors' and Pink Carneros. Those are two I did not have!

    paulan70, I love the card with adorable puppies, Labradors I believe, peeking out of a basket decorated with Christmas stockings, I was hoping for a puppy for Christmas, but Santa decided I should wait until spring! I appreciate the seeds you included as well: Angelonia, pink perennial Salvia, and Salvia 'Coral Nymph.'

    val, I love your sparkling card showing a snowman family carrying lanterns and caroling 'Joy to the World.' I really appreciate your good wishes!

    This is just a start! I will be back with many more thank-you's!

  • patrob
    6 years ago

    Wilsha, I love your beautiful card with the little chickadee sitting on a snowy branch and surrounded by red berries. I really appreciate your words of encouragement!

    gardengirl37232, thank you for the beautiful card depicting the magic of Christmas with animals of all sorts, predators and prey, at peace with one another. I'll enjoy growing the oregano for my new herb garden.

    xiangirl, thank you for the sweet card with Santa holding an armful of greenery and wishing "Merry Christmas!" Thank you as well for including packets of two of your favorites -- Gaillardia 'Lemon Queen' and Allium nigrum. Both of those will be welcome additions to my garden!

    canyonwind, I love the brightly colored card with the festive snowman. I appreciate the good wishes as well. Thank you for the seeds too -- Nigella sativa and one that I must have lost the label from. It will be a fun surprise when it grows!

    tessie83856, thank you for the beautiful card with the snowy exterior of a home, showing the wreath on the front door, Christmas tree, and sled. An old-fashioned Christmas for sure! I'm delighted with the seeds you shared as well -- California poppies and Salvia 'Coral Nymph.'

    Diknownana, what a precious card with the little girl carrying a basket of goodies, likely to a friend, and accompanied by her dog and cat. I appreciate the gift of seeds as well -- Gaillardia 'Tokajer,' Celosia 'Forest Fire,' Dianthus 'Cheddar Pinks,' and Agastache 'Apache Sunset.' All of those are perfect for my garden!

    lorabell, your card is just beautiful! It's red with metallic gold framing a grapevine wreath entwined with poinsettias and holly and the single word "Joy." I'll enjoy all of the seeds you included -- Chrysanthemum 'Cockade,' Poached Eggs 'Spanish Omlette mixed, and Gypsophila ' Elegant Rose.' Thank you!

    nottougly, I love the pretty card with red and green ornaments and a bit of sparkle. I had some ornaments similar to those with the indentions until my boys pushed on the center of a couple to see what would happen. There are two left, and I'll leave one to each someday. Thank you for the seeds of Marigold 'Moonsong Orange.' I love marigolds, and they do really well in our hot, dry summers when so many flowers give up.

    redthreaddiy, what a sweet card with the little boy trudging through the snow carrying a wreath with a big red bow and followed by his puppy! You really gave my herb garden a big boost with seeds for lemon balm, thyme, dill, parsley 'Green Pearl,' fenugreek, Christmas basil, fennel, and catnip, which one of my cats discovered this morning and tried to abscond with the baggie! She thanks you, as do I ....I'll have to grow the catnip in a protected spot for sure!

  • mrs.b_in_wy
    6 years ago

    Germination report for Audrey: Three of your Iris ensata seeds have become tiny green shoots -- baby iris! The first seedlings to emerge each year are always so uplifing. Thank you again :)

  • patrob
    6 years ago

    More thank-you's:

    l1oness, I appreciate the card with a cute little bear, or maybe it's a cute little dog, wearing a blue scarf as well as the get-well wishes!

    ruby_dog_gw, I love your bright blue card with the cheerful snowman wearing a bright red scarf. I appreciate the seeds you shared as well: chives, Doronicum 'Little Leo,' and Nicotiana 'Scentsation.' Those will really add to my garden this year.

    mrs.b_in_wy, I enjoyed the card with a sweet Santa harnessing his reindeer and preparing to start his journey with a big bag of toys. Thank you for including all these seeds as well: Asclepias incarnata from a white parent, Begonia boliviensis, Bidens ferulifolia, Delosperma floribunda, Linum grandiflorum, Heteropappus meyendorfi, and Salvias darcyi and sclarea. I will enjoy growing each of them!

    cryptid, I appreciate your very Christmasy card in red and green with a snowman wearing a bright red scarf. Thank you for sharing these great seeds as well: 'Black Magic' bachelor's buttons, firecracker Penstemon, and California poppies 'Mikado' and 'White Linen.' All of those are perfect for my garden!

    amybabyboy3, what a sweet card with Mary holding Baby Jesus and bathed in the glow of the star in the east. Thank you also for the red crepe myrtle seeds. I'll enjoy growing them as the deer leave them alone and I need some for my front island bed.

    sdambr, I love your cute card with the little penguins. I appreciaate the herb seeds you sent as well: basils lime and Crimson King, curly parsley, and garden sage. I am going to have a wonderful herb garden this year!

    Kjnorris918, I enjoyed your card with a dog and car just completing a large cheerful snowman. I am happy to receive seeds for Chinese lanterns too. I've never grown those before and have been wanting to try them. Thank you!

    I hope I did not miss anyone! I truly appreciate all who took time to send me a cheerful card with wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and words of encouragement. The seeds are a wonderful bonus and will add a great deal to my gardens this year. You are very generous gardeners, and I hope each of you has a wonderful year! Next year I will make sure I sign up before the deadline and do my part to spread Christmas and gardening cheer!

  • sji198173
    6 years ago

    Big thank you to MrsB_in_WY,
    Thank you so much for re-sending the seeds to me. I don't know why post office sent the mail back while the address was correct. I am sorry. She sent me pretty santa and reindeer card with 8 kinds of seeds. These are, aechmea pink flowers, Hibiscus moscheutos, digitalis lutea straw foxglove, Campanula medium pink+purple, Delosperma gloribunda 'stardust', begonia bloliviensis, picante calabrese pepper, and amish gold tomato.

    Very excited and will sow them this week. Thank you so much.

  • Linda Baillie
    6 years ago

    Thank you