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Need to fix drainage problem + add curb appeal midcentury modern condo

Dalton the Bengal (Zone 6)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We are a 1970's condo complex with a tight budget, in a valley in Northeast PA. receiving increasing stormwater runoff as higher areas develop. The current problem - where to redirect downspout water on the streetside to stop the sidewalk sinking and icing in winter while improving curb appeal.

There are 2 downspouts on the streetside of the building and 2 to the rear (no problem) and the roof is about 2000 sq ft.


A french drain from the downspouts, fanning out in the center was suggested to me. I am concerned that it is too much water and too concentrated and will cause new problems

I thought of making a big flat 6" recessed area, starting 10 ft from the firetower door (brown), 10 ft wide along the building (40ft), left to right. It would end right before the apple tree. Then either do grass, rock or rain garden or some combination.

Curb Appeal

Paint and/or screen off the gas meters etc.

Pain the firetower door to match siding. It is not the unit entry door.

Remove or cut back drastically the 2 shrubs

Add house numbers. I am lost after that.

I want to stay in the mid-century modern with an Asian tilt as the rest of the complex

All suggestions welcome

Goal: this winter - stop ice patches on sidewalk. Overall - have downspouts drain in a way that is not destructive to landscape and improve curb appeal.

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