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Sign Up For 2015 What's Left on My Want List (WLOMWL) Seed Swap

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I've had my kidney transplant and am ready to get back to swapping seeds. I'm going to host the WLOMWL Swap again this year with a change in location. I've created a Cubit just for this swap on The rules and guidelines are the same as last year's. Here's a link to the swap:

E-mail me at pat46rob@gmail,com if you need help getting there. You do have to join Cubits and the Wish List Seed Swap cubit, but it's all free and no strings attached. Dave created Cubits and allows anyone who wants to to create a cubit for no charge ever. If you don't know Dave, he was the founder of Dave's Garden and an all-round great gardener and person besides being a computer genius. When he and the new owners of DG parted ways, he created to tide us over until he launched All Things Plants. Both websites are still going strong, I don't intend to try to replace GW, but the cubit is a very flexible tool that will serve this swap well.

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