Question About Bosch Free Standing Range HEI8054U

5 years ago

Hello, this range is free standing but looks like a slide in. It has controls in the front and no panel in the back. It fits flush to the wall. The glass cooktop (electric version) slides over the counter so there are no gaps between the sides of the range and the cabinets/counter. There are metal edges on the sides of the front that ride over the countertop edges.

Previously, I'd seen information on the Bosch site about "notching" the countertops so the metal edges would fit properly and the range would fit flush against the wall. This would be particularly necessary if the edge of the counter were squared off. I saw an installation against a beveled edge and no notching was necessary.

I don't want to notch because if for some reason the range needed to be replaced with another brand, I'd end up with a permanently modified counter. I plan to use a 3/4 rounded edge (bullnose?).

I can no longer find information on the site referring to the notching and, in fact, there's a picture on the web site showing the range installed against a counter with a squared off edge.

So, my questions are:

1) Have any of you used this range with a 3/4 rounded edge? If so, did you need to notch the countertop?

2) Is it possible that they changed the design and that the new items do not require notching, thus no mention on the web site?

Thanks in advance.