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Hi :) Can anyone help me with the most boring living room on earth?

Laura R
8 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm not sure my living room could be any more brown.
My furniture (side tables, credenza and TV stand are all very dark brown. I have two jonathan adler tripod lamps , also brown, with"natural" shades. My couch is of course,tan. I am losing my mind. I am moving in a few weeks to a great new apt with a ton of sunlight and balcony but it also has hardwood floors the exact same color as my furniture. Dark brown. Plus, the walls are guesses it, tan (albeit lighter than my sofa thankfully). All of this dark furniture isn't going to help the already small looking apt. I'm afraid.
I have been trying to think of a "white, light/bright aqua , brown" theme but it just feels off. Then I read an article telling me I should stay with warm colors like orange (which I've already done and am over). Should I just add tons of white? or cream? I'm thinking of using textured rugs under the furniture so everything doesn't blend into the floor. I'm happy to switch out my lampshades for white or ivory as well I doomed to white or ivory throw pillows, rugs and blankets? If it helps, my dining room is pure white minimalist mod, and bedroom is light birch wood and pale ivory carpet so I do have fun with colors there (pastel mint, pink or yellow depending on my mood). I just can't stand my living room. I appreciate any help :) thank you!

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