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What is your favorite blogger's house tour?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

My love for home design/décor started when I was young. While I was elementary school aged, my mom left her job as a teacher to become a real estate agent so she could be home more with us. I used to love going with her to the open houses to see how other people designed their homes. My parents were (and still are) very frugal and practical, and money spent on home decorations and décor was silly and frivolous to them. Growing up, our home was practical and highly functional, but never 'fancy' looking like some of the other homes I saw. I think this might be why today, I get such pleasure out of making my home pretty. Although even still, my mom will visit and make comments like, "Is that a new throw pillow? Didn't you just get new throw pillows two years ago!?" She considers my generation to be the kings/queens of disposable (I'm 42). It's probably true - nothing I buy with the exception of good furniture is intended to last more than a few years.

But I digress...with all these bloggers out there, now showcasing their homes for the world to see, what is YOUR favorite blogger home tour and why?! Just a few years ago I discovered this phenomenon of bloggers giving home tours so I'm sure there are many that I've missed, but for me - the first time I laid eyes on ThistleWood Farms, I was awestruck. After pouring though each room in great detail, I drove on autopilot to HomeGoods and looked for items to recreate some of those looks in my own home.

I love her use of creams, whites and neutral color palette, with lots of natural wood tones. I love her butlers pantry, china cabinet displays and foyer arrangement. While some rooms are a little over-accessorized for my taste (and her dining room is a bit ornate for me) I definitely look to her style as inspirations to draw from in my own home.

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