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ways to prolong growing season for salad greens

Lynn Nevins
7 years ago

I live in NYC in Zone 6 (not sure if I'm considered 6a or 6b). Either way I have a very small balcony where I can fit some pots....maybe a few 10" pots...and I have a few 14" as well. I sowed seeds for a few greens that are supposed to do well in temps down to the 40s...

However, I'd obviously like to prolong the growing season as long as possible. I do not have space for a coldframe, nor am I handy enough to build even a small one. But are there other less complicated ways to help my plants produce longer throughout the winter?

Would a layer of mulch on top of the soil help? Wrapping the pots in burlap with layers of leaves inside? Or getting a heavy clear plastic tarp and somehow affixing it say to the sides of my balcony railings and creating a sort of sunroof cover to help hold in warmer temps around the pots?

Any ideas? Tx!

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