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josephines167 z5 ON Canada
5 years ago
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It was a lovely, balmy 14C yesterday so I thought I'd take a run to my favourite nursery! Yes, they still had hostas and since they were inside the huge nursery section greenhouse (at minimum 20+feet high) none were exhibiting the seasonal colour.

I spied The King (x2) and June Fever amongst them (had the rest). TK only had one leaf left from one shoot and the other had no leaves left. JF was a full pot with multiple shoots (as were the rest of the hostas).

ConnieMay, I guess I wasn't done for the season after all, LOL! ;-)

I would appreciate feedback regarding the transition this hosta undergoes during the growing season. From pips to shoots, to unfurling, to full leaf-out, to summer colour and finally to fall, if possible. (No such thing as too many pictures.)

Please add any pertinent info such as location and sun exposure as this will help me decide where to position it next year. Thank you!

June Fever

I will go to the Library and get up to speed on this one re its origin.

Can't wait to hear from you - and your pictures! :-)


P.S. By Van den Top/Van Eechaute. Sport of 'June' which "colours up differently than June..."

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