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I found the GW Kitchen forum!! (GardenwebNewbie)

8 years ago


I used to be an active participant in this forum a few years ago, under the name GardenwebNewbie, while renovating my kitchen after a slab leak. I see some familiar names! I received so much assistance and great advice, especially after I ended up hating the first hastily chosen, ill-planned granite counters and back splash that I had it torn out and started over.

Life got in the way and I lost contact. I didn't realize that the GW forum, although now Houzz, still had it's own forum tucked within Houzz. I'm so happy to see this!

Anyway, I wanted to stop a minute and say hello. I will be here in the GW forums more often as I have some decorating questions. :)

One question though, how do I combine my GW side with my Houzz account? I have a different name for each account. Can I do that?

Thanks and glad to be back!

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