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Whirlpool washer and dryer from 1991? Move, or stay behind?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

After responding to a topic on the build thread, I'm now suddenly curious about something. I'd until this past few seconds planned to leave my washer and dryer with the people I hope to sell to when I put my current home on the market in the spring, and purchase a new washer and dryer for my New Build.

When I bought this house in 1991, I had to purchase a washer and a dryer, because they'd taken theirs with them. No big deal. (All the other major appliances, ie, the Kitchen Trio, they'd left with me.)

My washer and dryer are Whirlpool appliances purchased in 1991, and have worked without any maintenance (other than the dryer needing replacement belts once or twice - totally affordable and also understandable as "rubber" won't last) to this date.

Would you recommend I take these with me when I move, and ask my future buyer to supply his or her own? (I did that when I moved here -- I wanted this house.) This is definitely NOT a high-end house, and if my dryer and especially IF my washer is known to be a sturdy workhorse when built back in that time, I am thinking I'm wanting maybe to keep? I doubt that the datedness of these items would be a selling point for a potential buyer, but is it worth my while to try to take them with me?

Or should I beware that I'd be taking 24 year old appliances up with me to my new build?

PS, I don't really care about most bells and whistles.

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