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Need help with landscaping a new home - blank slate yard

8 years ago

We just recently moved into our brand new home that we have built and I am having a tough time figuring out what to do with our back yard. I know I want ornamental crabapple trees, shrubs, perennials, some privacy for our deck area, a garden shed, a small area with raised veggie beds and an area with grass. I had an idea about how I wanted our yard to look and then found out that the last 7 feet of our backyard is a right of way and it is owned by our city. They have told us that that area is a drainage swale and we aren't supposed to put anything in that area including trees and plants. All that can be in that area is grass. I am stumped on how to make our backyard look nice when I can't plant any trees along the back fence or put any plants on the back fence to soften it. I love to have curvy flower beds and like a cottage garden style.

I have included a photo below of our plot plan and a photo showing the grassy swale that was recently installed that cannot be changed. We plan to build a wooden fence next spring across the back. Do you have any suggestions of how I can landscape my yard?

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