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Raising Eucalyptus deglupta in a cool frost-free (sub)tropical climate

8 years ago

Good morning or evening to everyone,

This is a question to those who have this experience. Does Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Deglupta) grow well in cool subtropical/tropical cliamte such as New Zealand, Lord Howes Island, Azores, Hawaii? I live in the Azores and so far the rain and the wind slows the potted Euca-luptas to almost a halt and damages them sometimes to a breaking point. Yet my experience is very short, just a couple months. Do you think it is worth growing raising Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Deglupta) in a climate as such, Lord Howe Island or Azores? We get little heat, nothing at or above 30C and in summer only we get 20-27C but most days are 25C and outside of summer just 10C to 18C all the time (a couple nights can be +7C+9C). Do you think they will actually make to adulthood in the Azores and stand high or is it possible to bend the tree down and make a low growing specimen instead, less exposed to the winds?

Thank you in advance!

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