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Dog chewing his paws raw

We have and 8yo lab/German short-hair mix (or so we think...he's a rescue), and about six months ago he started chewing the pads off his paws, one by one. As they heal, he goes back at them. We've visited two vets and one ran extensive allergy tests. He's allergic to almost four pages of stuff...foods, plants, etc. The vet says basically he's allergic to life. To look at him, you'd never know it. He is beautiful and has been a really happy dog.

We have him on Hill's prescription dog food from the vet, steroids, and Prozac among other things. They seem to help a bit but always he goes back to chewing. The steroids have side effects and haven't solved the problem, so we've weaned him off those. Now he has developed diarrhea...almost every poop is runny...and he doesn't seem to like the Hill's food much. He's always had a super appetite and he picks at this food until it's gone and sometimes leaves some.

We're at wits end as to how we can help him. Has anyone else encountered this? Any ideas of how to cure this problem?

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