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Need help with Ceiling Fan turning on 10 minutes after switch flipped.

James Bell
7 years ago

So it's a ceiling fan / light combo with no pull chains just a remote. It is also wired to two switches on the wall (one used to do the fan, one the light) since this fan was installed a year ago the right switch doesn't do anything; only the left one (this if fine if it worked) Before I'd notice a few seconds delay when turning the lights on (between flipping the switch and the lights coming on). Months later it became 1-3 minutes delay... now when I flip the switch it literally takes 5-10 minutes before the light / fan will turn on. The fan has no power, the light has no power until then. It's as if it has to "warm up" or something. It's a fairly modern fan assembly. It's not an incandescent setup, so there's no ballast. I can not find any topic to match this. The only ones I see are for the (1-2 second) delay. Please help.

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