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Inspired by the Grow lights and made a DIY blue red tent for adeniums!

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Getting inspired by the grow lights that are being used by all forum members in the nothern hemisphere and other side of the globe , I have made a cover which bathes the plants in blue and red light (rather than sunlight). I thought in reverse as we have a lot of sunlight- so how to use it to my advantage and the plants advantage too.

Materials 01 old transparent plastic table cloth (6 x6 ft) and few sheets of blue and red cellophane paper + cello tape/scotch tape to stick the cellophane to the tablecloth. The paper side is inwards so that it doesn't get wet in the rain. Now lets see if the blue light has an effect on their growth!

Pics below for your viewing and comments welcome!

inside the tent.. bathed in blue & red.The light under is not as intense as that emitted by the Mars led panel but am sure contains some (if not all) wavelengths of blue and red which might be useful to the plants.I read on the net that the yellow light is infact a growth inhibitor for the plants.

The makeshift blue /red light cover

The effects on growth shall be regularly charted and duely reported!


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