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Always read the complete instructions before you begin.

7 years ago

How many times have I read that statement? Obviously, not often enough. I just spent about 15 hours cutting logs - wrong! I just hadn't read the instructions carefully enough to understand the process of triangle log cabins. So now, each log is about 1" shorter than it should be. This makes the center piece, the chimney, very small - 3/4" instead of 1 3/4". I am really angry with myself. I have used up all the fabric scraps in the colors that I want, so cutting new ones is not an option. I can't just make a longer, longest strip because the dark/light pattern then gets thrown off. If I make it with the smaller chimneys, the pattern gets stubby-looking because the logs are proportionately wider. And of course the quilt gets smaller. I don't think I have any other options though. I'm certainly not going to toss the whole lot out. The snowflakes will probably end up looking more like snow balls. And I was really excited about this quilt. Oh, well. Live and learn, as they say.

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