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question about underlayment for vinyl sheeting

8 years ago

I am planning on putting vinyl sheeting down in my kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms. When I went to the store to the store to look at and purchase vinyl flooring, the sales person told me I would also need Sureply (?) for under the vinyl. We discussed the subflooring that is down now, which is particle board. Man came today to take measurements for the carpeting and the vinyl. He then told me that in order to put down the vinyl, they would have to tear up the particle board and put down a plywood floor b/c the vinyl could not be put down on the particle. He then suggested another option, which is vinyl planking.. it could go down right over old linoleum, and would be much better in case of water leaks. Also would be much cheaper. After researching online, I do not find anything to confirm what he says. Is he trying to save himself some labor?

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