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October FOTESS Swap - Halloween Party!

8 years ago

Good Morning, Everyone, and welcome to the FOTESS swap for October! We're having a Halloween Party this month and you are all cordially invited!

But first, FOTESS is a members only swap group, and if you would like to join, we would love to have you! Contact Jeanne/sandlapper_rose, or me, Shirley/sjc48 for details on how to join!

Secondly, I would like to thank Beth for hosting the September swap for us. She did a fantastic job of hosting and Jeanne and I both appreciate it greatly! AND, I'm going to use Beth's point system for this swap, I thought that was a great idea!

Okay, on to the party! This will be a very simple swap. If you join in the fun, you will be sending a Halloween card, homemade or otherwise, and 1-2 packs of seeds. The seeds can be Halloween themed, colors of orange or black, or seeds that can be Winter Sowed. Use your imagination! You could add a small "treat" if it fits in the envelope!

You will have to the end of the month to mail your card and seeds out. And Remember, just the card and seeds, no boxes or bubble envies. Our swaps are meant to be simple ones, so lets keep it that way!

Sign ups will be held until Saturday, October 10th and I'll assign partners on the 11th.

We'll be playing some party games too! The first one will be a "Guess What My Costume Is" game. After sign-ups, you will list 3-4 clues and then we'll all take turns guessing what your costume is! More details on that later, but you can be thinking about what you're going to dress up as! Just like when we were kids!

We're also going to Bob for Apples and play "Trick or Treat"! Should be fun, and I hope to see you all at the party!


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