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Stove dilemma- vintage Hotpoint

8 years ago

I live in a 1,000 square foot cottage built in 1936. While I love it, the kitchen is proportionally small and desperately needs to be updated. Realistically, I'm 12-18 months away from doing a major renovation but I'm starting to think about what I want and what is possible with in the space.

My current dilemma is the vintage Hotpoint stove. On one hand, it is charming, works well, and adds a lot of character to the house. I love the look and the shiny white finish. On the other hand, it is grungy after decades of use and I cannot seem to get it clean, no matter how much time I spend scrubbing it with a tooth brush or picking at seams with toothpicks. The bottom drawers have rust spots and I do not feel like anything stored in there stays clean.

It looks pretty good here but when you look closer....

It is also 39" wide and in a tiny kitchen, every inch counts. To give you an idea of the entire space...

Is it possible to get stoves like this refurbished? Would it be a mistake to get a new stove? I honestly, cannot imagine the space without it but I want to make the kitchen as functional as possible.

Thanks for any recommendations or advice you have!

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