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Good Books/Bad Movies

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I will read a book upon which a movie was based. For example, the jockey's life in Seabiscuit (how did he get on without his family at such a young age?) led me to the book. I loved the book so much, after finishing the paperback edition, I bought the special edition hard copy with additional photos.

I usually avoid seeing movies based on books I loved, as I'm usually disappointed in how the book was truncated. I liked Gone Girl (the book); the movie didn't have the same chilling suspense. While I really liked the book Wild, the movie didn't have the same voice as the book. I thought maybe the difference between these two books/movies was that author Gillian Flynn worked with the movie producer on Gone Girl, while author Cheryl Strayed did not work on the movie version of her book Wild.

After reading Unbroken, I knew I would not be buying a movie theater ticket. What a story of redemption! Well, since it was "free" on TV, I DVRd it and got around to watching it last night. Somehow, the Cohen brothers et al apparently thought Louis Zamperini's story ended when he survived his time in the POW camp. As a friend (AF pilot, ret.) said, many have survived equally terrible wartime experiences. The movie missed the whole point of the book: near ruin of his life AFTER the war and an amazing climb out of despair. No wonder my friend said the movie was meh. Even though he had not read the book, he recognized there was nothing that set the movie apart from other wartime stories.

So where do you stand on the book vs movie question in general?

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