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Fall lawn repair in zone 6B

8 years ago

Lawn was gorgeous this spring and nice all summer until August. Then the same small areas as years past turned brown and died out. As a result, lawn looks pretty rough in spots right now.

Had hoped to rake up dead areas this weekend and seed with a blend called TriFecta from a local nursery. I've used for years, but thinking it might have more fescue (non-spreading) than KBG (spreading) and may be the cause of the spotty dying out

Guess I always went with more fine fescue because I thought KBG was too tender for a hot, sunny location even in Derby City !

I decided to research the Trifecta to see if it has the KBG and good fescue I remember, but found a report stating lab tests over the past few years of the product were not what they say. Makes me wonder how many $$$ I've spent for something that was not what I thought !

What grass seed blend would be best for a lawn in full, hot sun, well established but with spotty areas in need of seeding. Should I just seed the spots or over-seed the whole lawn with something that will spread?

If Hurricane Joaquin doesn't wash us away this weekend, I was hoping to rake out the dead, cut the grass, apply compost to the bare areas and seed. I also want to do a Scott's Fall Winterizer treatment, so please advise as to when this should be done in relation to seeding.

I wonder sometimes what I would do without my Gardenweb family of brainiacs, wizards and angels ! Thanks ~ annie

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