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Should I put more seed down now or wait?

8 years ago

Good morning all,

So I am 9 days into germination of my Tall Fescue and am shocked at just how well some areas are doing. I'd say 90% of the lawn is sprouted and already up to 2 inches. However there are certain areas of the lawn that still appear to be more sparse than the others. I'm worried that my dead, scalped grass was a little thick in those areas that are growing slow. I power raked as much as possible but there was still a fair amount of old Bermuda clippings on the lawn that I could not get up. What's the best practice in this scenario? Wait it out and see if they're just slower filling in? Or should I go ahead and work those areas and put a little more seed down before it gets too late in the season? I'm afraid if they don't sprout, I'm gonna end up with bare spots that will be a prime location for crabgrass/weeds etc etc to overrun the lawn. What should I do?

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