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Where do you keep your fruit? (And onions/garlic/potatoes....)?

8 years ago

Want this stuff off the countertop!

Usual stock at any given time is a dozen apples, a bunch of bananas, as much citrus as I can justify, a week's worth of onions, garlic, 5 lb potatoes and some kind of squash. It's harvest time, and while the tomatoes will go away soon, something of similar volume will take their place... Some can go in the fridge, but husband won't eat it if he can't see it out on display.

Any cute wall mounted fruit baskets? Do those wire dangly things ever not look bad? Other ideas? (I did know myself well enough to build an onion cubby...)

Here's where the stuff is now:

In pantry above microwave.

Apples temporarily in spice rack shelf above coffee maker, but it's no good for large pie apples.

Want this counter clear!

Squash flood next. If this stuff had a home, maybe I could finish that area!

The copper bowls are nice, but ideally they'd be off the counter as well. And yeah, there are some herbs drying on the windowsill, too. They also need a home.

Guess this is what happens when you start a garden and discover local farmer's markets while fixing a house... What did kitchen gardeners do in the olden days? Do I need to start hanging baskets from the ceiling? Is there some produce storing furniture thing I could hunt down for the dining room? Thoughts?

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