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What if I don't want to buy a bigger pot? Need advice.

7 years ago

Probably a basic/dumb question, but I have a lovely Chinese Evergreen that is growing well and may need a bigger pot by next Spring. However, I really like this pot that it is in and don't want to spend so much money to upgrade it to a...15 inch pot? I don't even know what the next size up is.

I know I could divide the plant and transfer the divided half to another pot, but could I also just trim the roots significantly and keep in it the same pot, as long as it doesn't topple over?

Most of my plants are in window sills and are tiny, slow growers, so they just don't get that big, frankly. Chinese Evergreen, however, is about 2 feet high and about a foot wide.

I'm pretty impressed with its growth, and very grateful, just uncertain about next steps. Advice?

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