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OTR Microwave Flex Vent (cross post from Kitchens)

Carrie B
7 years ago

Someone on the Kitchen forum, noticed my flex vent going outside from
my microwave, and pointed out that flex vents are not recommended and I
should have my contractor switch it out for a rigid vent. I checked my
microwave's manual and it does say that flex is not recommended, and a
rigid vent should be used.

I just talked to my contractor, telling him what I saw in the manual,
and that I'd be more comfortable if it was switched. He said no
problem, he could switch it out. He went on to say that this flex vent
is not "the normal kind of flex vent, it's specifically made for this
type of venting" and that "because it doesn't have elbows, there's
better air flow." Again, he did say that he would switch it out for me.

Does anyone here have knowledge specific to this scenario? Is he
right? Should I call him back and tell him to leave as is, or am I
better off with the rigid vent? I think I'll need two elbows a short
distance from each other.

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