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What window treatment for close neighbors????

6 years ago

Hello, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on (through) my kitchen window. It is the only window, except the door, and it's over the sink.

We didn't expect to have "deco doors" on the ends of the cabinets, however, the cabinet company messed up and this is how they would "fix" the matter (or having me sand and paint). Now the window molding is off and looks odd. Another problem is that my neighbors are very close. I need light but privacy too! I don't want to have this shade down all the time. This is a new kitchen and we had a soffit before. I had made a valance and cafe curtains for that. I don't know if I should do the same.

The walls are a puddy color and the floor (we left) is a dark tile. Our counter comes in this week and is a white (with black) quartz. I was thinking a black color with some kind of white geo print? Any ideas? Advise? Thanks!!!


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